Bangladesh, being a fast developing economy, is having rapid growth in all sectors over the last decade. Industrialization has gone up rapidly, thus new jobs have been created and a big middle class has sprung up. As the public transport sector hasn’t expanded in the same pace more and more individuals have opted for personal cars as a major means of transport. With the influx of private cars, car theft has become rampant. The average crime rate related to theft and hijacking of vehicles has gone up.

To help these individuals and companies keep tabs on their valuables, we provide them with trackers. We have tested trackers for cars, motorcycles and also individual trackers that can be carried on person. The trackers are equipped with SOS button for emergencies.

We have developed software utilizing Google maps that can be accessed from both PCs and smart phones to see the location of the assets that are being tracked. Added features like geo-fencing, remote immobilization, temperature control, motion control, camera, fuel sensor can be added to the tracker as per need of the customer buy nexium online .